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Amorette Prompt
Date: 2015-09-09
World of Warcraft -> My Characters -> Amorette, Thaeldren, Mage, Blood Elf
Time Taken:
Rating: Public / SFW

Prompt to Thaeldren:

As Thaeldren stands in the city, he hears the dainty click of little sandals picking up and rushing towards him. Before he has much chance to turn and investigate, a girl jostles into him nearly knocking him over. She apologizes profusely and attempts to rush off again.

The girl appears young, cheerful, elven, and is dressed in a patchwork robe of mostly faded cloth. If he checked, he'd find that some of his belongings were missing. What does he do?


Thaeldren would've grumped at the woman but brushed her off as she moved on. Though when he discovers his things are missing, he would immediately run after her intending to tackle her if he has to. He has no qualms of hurting a woman and a thieving one especially. If he has to throw fire to get what he wants, he will.